DIY Home Automation Projects

Logix 3 Button RGB Scene Controller

This project is a multi button RGB scene controller that fits in a decora faceplate. It’s powered by 5v DC and has an on-board ESP-12F (esp8266) and dallas temperature sensor.

This can be integrated into Home Assistant with Tasmota (which is pre installed) or ESPHome. Check out this video on one sample use of this device.

To Purchase on my Tindie Store:

OLED Display with 2 touch sensors

This is a small low cost device I created that you can plug a Wemos D1 mini into. There are 2 buttons using TTP223 boards and an LCD to display status (0.96 OLED) and using ESPHome can control and display what you would like.

Multifunction Security Panel Replacement

This started out as a device to connect the old security panel wiring left behind from and old system to Home Assistant. It worked well and has transformed into a device that can control relays, display real time data, read sensors, open doors and much more through some custom firmware I have written to control it.

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