My theory is home automation is that it should remain in your control, only allowing what you want to the outside world. This can be accomplished by using your own hardware or hardware running firmware you can control.

As a maker I enjoy creating boards and software. I am also a home automation enthusiast so creating neat projects for around my home are often where I focus my attention but I also tinker with projects for my kids and fun display pieces the family can enjoy.

Home Automation DIY

Ready made plans for a complete project.

Custom PCBs

Custom PCBs that can be adapted top your own projects

Simple Circuits

Simple Circuits I use regularly in my projects.

I enjoy sharing my projects which you are welcome to use, modify or expand on. If you would like you can buy me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/logixpcbM

About This SIte

This site was created to share home automation ideas and bring together projects that were pushed across many different sites.

Get In Touch

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