Custom PCB Projects

2 Button Decora Touchplate with OLED

This is an 0.96 OLED with 2 TTP223 touch buttons. It is a cheap simple info display you can use to control 2 actions via Home Assistant. The stl for the case and example firmware can be found for esphome on my Github, build your own using the Arduino IDE, or even install Tasmota. At the base of this project you can run it off a Wemos D1 Mini.
  • 2 x TTP223 Capacitive Touch Buttons (with headers)
  • 1 x 0.96 OLED I2C Display (be sure to pick one with the correct pinouts, there are several out there)
  • 1 x Wemos D1 Mini (either direct soldered or with headers
  • (optional) 1 x 4.7k Through Hole Resistor (R7) for DS18B20
  • (optional) 1 x DS18B20 Dallas Temp Sensor (U3) – without a hole in the case the temperature will be off quite a bit)
  • (optional) 1 x 2.54 2P terminal block (you can power this off the wemos usb instead)
  • (optional ) 1 x 1N4148 or straight connect (if you use a terminal block) (D1) – This was intended for reverse polarity protection but is not ideal

Multi-Function I/I Board

This is a Multi-function GPIO motherboard I built to replace the security panel in my home. It interfaces with Home Assistant via my custom firmware, ESPHome or even Tasmota. There is ability to add on i2c devices as well as relays boards or input panels.